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In 2021, the best free video conferencing software would be (Best Video Conferencing Software Comparison By Trusted Expert)

There are no trial versions, blackout deadlines, or hidden expenses for either of these recommended conferencing services. The overall number of members and the time period for remote meetings are the most important differentiating variables.

On This Software sistem, Video sessions were already uncommon a few years ago for most citizens, which you could do once a month if you worked in a large company’s office. Since these occurrences were so rare, everybody failed to recall how to make it functional. Then a worldwide pandemic sent us all home early from work and training, and in-person activities were soon substituted with internet gatherings and lectures. We’ve also been seasoned internet conference attendees now that video conferencing providers have moved beyond their niche and into the mainstream.

And as the environment slowly returns to face-to-face corporate interactions and children return to school, video conferencing tools have proved their value. This is particularly true for freelancers, small entrepreneurs, and informal job partnerships. You don’t have a business budget to pay recurring per-user rates on a programme that anyone in the organisation will access, and you don’t have full-time support personnel to instal and maintain the service if you fall under this group. Small companies and sole proprietors need video conferencing facilities that are simple to use and, ideally, free.

This list focuses on resources that encourage people to interact for work or school assignments, but there’s no excuse you couldn’t use them to hang out with friends online or hold virtual cocktail parties as well. Online meetings may involve shared functions such as screen sharing or whiteboarding, and they are usually registered for future reference.

The most critical requirement for inclusion on this list is that the programme be entirely free, with no trial versions, end periods, or hidden costs. Typically, this entails technological limitations to what you can do for the programme, such as a restriction to the number of participants who may attend a meeting or a meeting time limit. You will get a lot of work completed for free if you stick to certain guidelines.

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In comparison to last year, our business practices have changed significantly, and different software categories have grown in popularity in terms of working from home. One among them, without a doubt, was video conferencing software. Do you want to know which are the top free video conferencing tools in 2021? Continue reading!

Since virtually everything has gone digital, whether due to an epidemic or technological advancements, the way we communicate has also evolved. Some companies who were already working from home before to the pandemic utilize video conferencing technologies like as Microsoft Teams to keep their operations running, whereas these are relatively new to some of us.

According to a recent study on employee attitudes toward teleworking, video conferencing is critical for making individuals feel more engaged in their collaboration. Team members’ relationships would be strengthened if they could communicate effectively verbally and visually.

Video conferencing improve the efficiency of corporate meetings, whether they are team or one-on-one. Broadcasting live events can assist increase employee satisfaction and productivity as long as video conferencing solutions include capabilities like as screen recording and sharing, document sharing, and unrestricted participation.

the best free video conferencing software would be

The most well-known and well-known video conferencing brand.

Zoom is right up there with Xerox and Google in terms of “software business names that have become common terms,” much to the chagrin of the company’s trademark attorneys. Zoom, on the other hand, has a much greater share of mind than its counterparts, and for good reason: its customer base has risen at an unprecedented rate since the pandemic began in early 2020.

Zoom’s simple strategy ( “Forever free. There is no need to use the credit card “) provides for unlimited one-on-one gatherings, but community discussions are restricted to 40 minutes and 100 people. A meeting may be registered, but it is only saved locally. Only the internet Help Center is available for assistance. Paying plans, on the other hand, allow for marathon sessions lasting up to 30 hours and have online storage that any team member may use at any time.

Zoom’s greatest benefit is its accessibility. Thanks to a year of pandemic-mandated meetings and lectures, everybody learns how to do it. If you don’t need the extra bells and whistles of the paying plans, and the 40-minute meeting hard stop isn’t a problem, Zoom on.

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Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool developed by Microsoft.

You’ll feel right at home if you use Office.
Skype, Microsoft’s older video calling tool, is still around. Your family could also use it to communicate with the grandparents on weekends as they phone from their iPad. Teams, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for partnership. Businesses who subscribe to Microsoft 365 get the entire Teams product set as part of a paying package, while approved academic institutions and charitable organisations will get full-featured plans for free.

There is a free Teams choice for anyone else. Anyone with a personal email address can sign up for the free edition of Microsoft Teams, which supports up to 300 meeting attendees and meetings lasting up to 24 hours. (During the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft increased all limitations from the usual 100 participants and 60 minutes.) Guest control, one-on-one and community video and audio calls, collaborative data (2GB per person and 10GB per team), screen sharing, and text communication utilising online variants of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are only a few of the other common applications.

Screen collaboration and a virtual whiteboard are important features of Cisco WebEx.

“Our free plan has restricted access to some features, but it’s a perfect option for you to trial before you purchase,” says Webex, which was formed in 1995 and purchased by Cisco in 2007. With flexible meeting configuration choices, screen sharing on desktop and mobile computers, whiteboarding, and the opportunity to store recordings locally, even the most frugal Webex users will achieve a lot. Meetings will involve up to 100 people in them, although they are limited to 50 minutes. The only way to get help with the free plan is to go online.

To raise the number of users to 200 and stretch the daily meeting period to 24 hours, you’ll need to upgrade to the Meet package ($15 per member per month). Cloud recording and Facebook Live broadcasting are two other premium features.

Infrastructure for a small business, priced for a sole proprietor

Lifesize is well known for its enterprise marketing and call centre solutions, although there are free plans available for sole proprietors and really small companies if you look closely. Free events, including those offered by most of its rivals, have duration and participant constraints. The time limitations are fairly strict in this case: 40 minutes per conference, with a maximum of 10 online participants. However, as part of the package, you’ll get the same technology as large corporations, with absolute HD video and screen sharing (1080p).

Participants will attend the meeting using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge’s native mobile applications. Apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android are now eligible for download.

FreeConferenceCall.com is a website that provides free conference calls.
It’s ideal for people who choose to hold big gatherings.

In 2021, the best free video conferencing software would be

Isn’t this the same business that’s been performing free telephone calls since 2000 and made a billion dollars a year by taking a small cut in interconnect payments anytime you use the phone on the network? That’s right, that’s the one. Their video conferencing service is also accessible, which is unsurprising.

FreeConferenceCall fiercely compares the function set to that of a free Zoom Basic plan on its landing page. You will get 1000 attendees per meeting instead of Zoom’s 100, and meetings have no time limits. You also get activity reports (a privilege reserved for Zoom’s paying subscribers) and 1 GB of cloud storage for storing meetings. Small enhancements, such as additional cloud storage space, are available for a fee, although for most users, a free plan would suffice.

Apps for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android are available from FreeConferenceCall.

Alternatives from Canada

Despite their strikingly close titles, this Toronto-based firm and FreeConferenceCall are unrelated. With a website that allows voice and video calls, live streaming, and real-time messaging, parent company Iotum is in the API market. It all runs on the same platform as the audio conference call service which provides all of the functionality you’d find from more well-known competitors, such as screen sharing, whiteboarding, and absolute moderator power. Foreign dial-in numbers, personalised hold music, and storage features are available as paid updates.

You can use FreeConference.com for any modern software or with downloaded desktop applications for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, as well as smartphone apps for iOS and Android. There are also Chrome applications and an Outlook add-in for PC.

Can webinars and multimedia activities fit for free video conferencing software?
This essay focuses on small gatherings, both formal and informal, between people working on projects together. The host is normally one male, with participants willing to chime in if needed. Webinars and lectures, on the other hand, are a very different experience. You have audience representatives instead of participants, who can’t talk and don’t have access to a video stream.

Many of the programmes on this page, subject to participant constraints, should be used for major gatherings. However, Facebook Live and YouTube Live are more common options for wider streaming activities with a general audience.

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Why video conferencing services are worthwhile to invest in?
The lack of meeting time constraints is the most significant advantage of a paid video conferencing contract. It’s not a huge deal for a small group of remote staff to attend a new conference after the first 40 or 50 minutes have passed. However, for larger gatherings, particularly those involving clients or consumers, a rushed conclusion marks you as a slacker.

Such notable enhancements include management resources to enable a host to appoint another participant to manage a meeting, as well as cloud storage and transcription features that allow participants (including others who couldn’t observe the live event) to revisit it later.

What drawbacks would Zoom’s free video conferencing plan have?
Anyone holding a meeting is subject to the restrictions of Zoom’s free Basic package. The maximum number of members is 100, and community sessions are scheduled to conclude after 40 minutes. Furthermore, a host may only have one meeting running at a time, while paying members can buy different licences to run multiple meetings.

Other drawbacks include the inability to dial into a Zoom meeting set up by a free plan subscriber, as well as the lack of voting, transcription, or co-hosting opportunities.

Top 5 Conference Videos in a nutshell

What we did to limit the scope
We looked at existing video conference providers that serve a variety of desktop and mobile devices, focusing on those with a solid reputation and a solid framework for facilitating high-quality, dependable meetings. We didn’t do any tests of our own.

The most critical aspect is that the service must be absolutely free for long-term usage, with no end period or hidden costs, as mentioned in the title.

Some well-known terms, such as Intermedia AnyMeeting, GoToMeeting, and Google Hangouts Meet, are removed from the list as a result of this filter. Any software on our list has certain functionality limits that can only be unlocked by paying updates, so people and small companies that are willing to work around such restrictions can access these programmes for free for as long as they want.

Cisco Webex Service

Its new suite of services, which includes a new Webex logo, includes an end-to-end events platform, analytics tools to track audience engagement, speech optimisation, machine learning software to improve video quality, data loss prevention, and collaborative hardware that can be used at the office or at home.

“Cisco’s collaboration business is extremely important to our clients,” stated Chuck Robbins, CEO of the firm. “With the 800 new features and devices introduced by the team since September, we really have the most complete meetings, phone, messaging, and event management solution on the market, enabling the future of hybrid work.”

The analytics capabilities will include polling, Q&A, and an audience interaction service, which Cisco describes as a “industry first.” With the polling functionality now accessible in Meetings, this will be integrated across all collaboration experiences.

The Camera upgrades feature a “People Focus” capability, which uses machine learning and AI technologies to individually reframe meeting attendees scattered throughout a room. According to Cisco, this will make distant participants feel more connected, with everyone in the conference benefiting from viewing body language, facial emotions, and more.

The package will also include data loss prevention capabilities for Webex, such as immediately blocking and removing sensitive material and prohibiting users from publishing classified content rather than redacting or deleting content after it has been uploaded. Furthermore, European Webex clients will be allowed to host and process their material inside the European Union.

According to Cisco, the new suite is currently available and costs 40% less than “a-la-carte.” Webex Desk, a desktop video device for home offices and small meeting rooms, will be available for purchase later in June for $1,249.


In 2021, the best free video conferencing software would be


How to Make a Decision
Any video conferencing provider has a basic collection of features that are almost identical. Audio and video hardware on a PC or mobile computer may be used to bind meeting participants. It is common to be able to share a computer with other participants. Document collaboration, interactive uploading, and interactive whiteboarding are available on some, though not all, of these services.

The amount of meeting attendees and the time period for internet meetings are, of course, the most significant differences. All of these programmes would suffice if you frequently hold brief meetings for limited groups (under 10 people). If you’re working in a bigger squad, make sure to double-check the boundaries. Another point of differentiation is recording capabilities, with most free policies allowing for local backups and charging for cloud storage space.

Since these programmes are free, you have no reason not to check them out before deciding which one best suits your requirements and desires. If you’re not satisfied with your trial, pass on to the next contender.

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Although each business’s use preferences differ, the fundamental characteristics of excellent video conferencing software should be loud and obvious. While some companies use them for internal conversations, others use them for external calls such as product demos, sales-related problems, webinars, and more. So, when doing your study, keep your particular requirements in mind.

Some choice factors that we believe may be useful to you in this journey include call restriction restrictions, video quality, team cooperation, customer support, and other specific advantages and use cases.

With more workers working remotely, traveling, and having flexible schedules, video conferencing software is the only way to have more intimate interactions.

Fortunately, there is a massive industry brimming with limitless choices for various kinds of video conferencing software. The ideal one for your business will be determined by a variety of criteria, including the amount of workers you have, your budget, and any unique features you may need.

Once you’ve determined all of the factors we’ve just stated, you’ll be able to choose the one that best meets your requirements. If you still need assistance along the way, have a look at the top video conferencing tools list, which includes a variety of solutions for a variety of needs!