Al momento stai visualizzando The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

Are you transforming your on-premises staff into a work-from-home force? Is it necessary to have a business phone on every workstation, even if they are in the corner of a spare bedroom? If you’re looking to remotely mimic a conventional office phone PBX, we have 12 suggestions that should get you started.

Voip service is soo crucial nowdays. Remember when landlines dominated the country, before cellphones became sophisticated pocket broadband machines? There was a time when telephone handsets were considered vital business equipment, and we kept one near every chair in the home. That was back in the day, my buddy. That was back in the day.

Now, though, welcome to the year 2021. You’ve heard the tale. COVID-19, lockdowns, shelter-in-place, the growth of work-from-home, and workplaces being abandoned in favor of newly remote employees We’re at a crossroads, where vaccinations are allowing some people to return to work while other companies remain closed. To say that life is unpredictable is an understatement of enormous proportions.

Many businesses, particularly those that had previously undergone their own digital transformation, were going about their business as usual. Their teams interact through Slack or Teams, have Zoom meetings four times a day, and generate email chains and threads that make you wonder what life is all about.

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But they aren’t the businesses and people we’re talking about. In this piece, we’ll speak about businesses that still have a telephone on every desk (albeit the workstations are now at home), still conduct business by phone (yes, some people still do), and route calls and transfer to extensions (which now have to traverse the planet instead of the building).

There are VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions available that enable you to operate a PBX in the cloud and link workers working from home as though they were connected into the on-premises phone switch. Here are 12 suggestions to help you remain connected.

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Below i Suggest you this Voip Providers:


RingCentral[ps2id id=’RingCentral’ target=”/]

The most often cited VoIP service in our short polls

voip services ringcentral logo review 1024x535 - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

When I began asking around about VoIP services, RingCentral was the one that came up the most. RingCentral provides solutions for small vendors all the way up to large businesses, and it also focuses on developer integration, enabling other suppliers to plug into the RingCentral environment in novel and creative ways. RingCentral is good for Residential Voip in United States.

RingCentral Office, their flagship solution, includes all of the essential virtual PBX functions, such as auto-attendant, business directory, call forwarding and handling, and numerous extensions. Additional features include voice mail, call forwarding, fax, and meetings and webinars. RingCentral offers a great iOS and Android software that turns your smartphone into what seems to be a more conventional business phone for callers.


Line2[ps2id id=’Line2′ target=”/]

Add a second line to your phone and then keep growing and expanding.

voip provider line2 review - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

Don’t want to give out your personal phone number to customers and clients, but also don’t want to carry a second phone? Consider Line2, which, wait for it, adds a second line to your phone.

Actually, Line2 has a little more to offer. It migrates the conventional hard-wired on-premises PBX to the cloud and integrates dedicated PBX telephones into your team’s cellphones. You may attach extra phone numbers to phones, shift calls between team members, and set up an auto-attendant feature to irritate callers while sounding professional. You may even convert your team into a virtual call center with the ability to dynamically allocate calls to agents.


Intermedia[ps2id id=’Intermedia’ target=”/]

Keep the workplace vibe, but make it seem more like a home.

voip business usa intermedia vector logo small review - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

Intermedia was previously featured in our roundup of the top email hosting providers, and it is now back on our VoIP list. Intermedia really provides a variety of unified communications solutions, such as virtual PBX, SIP trunking, and different conferencing applications. In this roundup, we’ll look at the company’s integrated system, Intermedia Unite.

While Intermedia Unite primarily promotes Polycom, Cisco, and Yealink VoIP phones, the company’s Anyphone BYOP (bring your own phone) program enables certain additional devices to connect into the Intermedia VoIP ecosystem. In terms of functionality, this is business VoIP with all the trimmings. Intermedia Unite, a vendor we rated as a top email host provider, offers strong connections to Office 365 and Workspace (previously G Suite), as well as Slack and Salesforce.

In pandemic times, the ability for workers to bring their desk phones home, plug them into their home Internet, and still have a receptionist capability that allows AAs and operators to view the availability of everyone in their organization, perform blind transfers, warm transfers, and transfers to voicemail – all remotely – is a huge boon.


Mitel[ps2id id=’Mitel’ target=”/]

An old-school worldwide PBX service that has successfully transitioned to VoIP.


Mitel, which was founded in 1973, is an old-school conventional PBX service that has successfully transitioned to VoIP. Here’s a funny tale. Mitel was established by Canadians Michael Cowpland and Terry Matthews, and the name is a combination of “Mike and Terry Lawnmowers.”

Mitel has been aggressively acquiring companies since its turnaround, including phone manufacturer Polycom in 2016 and ShoreTel in 2017. While the business offers small, medium, and corporate solutions, it is the enterprise products that stand out. Mitel, for example, manages the unified communications network for Major League Baseball and its 30 teams.


Vonage[ps2id id=’Vonage’ target=”/]

This isn’t your grandmother’s VoIP provider (anymore)

the best voip providers business 2021 VonageBusinessVeeAI - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

It would be difficult to compile a list of VoIP services without mentioning Vonage. While the business earned its reputation in home-based VoIP systems, it also dominated the headlines for less pleasant reasons. Its IPO, which was partly financed by customers whose investments failed, was designated one of the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business in 2006.

Because of past contacts with the SEC, its then-CEO was unable to preside over the public offering. Around the same time, a jury convicted Vonage guilty of infringing on Verizon, Sprint Nextel, AT&T, and Nortel patents. On top of that, Vonage was sued by 32 states and was forced to pay the legal fees of seven of them for misleading business methods, refusing to provide refunds, and providing so-called “free” services.

So, how could we possibly endorse Vonage? Since 2019, it has been trying hard to reposition itself as a B2B cloud services provider with a conversations API (applications programming interface) intended to enable businesses and developers to build communications containers inside their apps. Vonage’s One Vonage platform combines unified communications, programmable communications, and contact center operations on top of public cloud infrastructure and over the Vonage global carrier network.

Gone are the days when you could attempt to set up a Vonage account for Grandma. However, if your company is developing a unified communications infrastructure, you should check at Vonage.


8×8[ps2id id=’8×8′ target=”/]

A broad product with strong worldwide clout

business voip 8x8 RedSquare Logo CMYK 1024x536 - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

8×8 is often categorized as a small business VoIP service, however this does not do the firm justice. It began as a semiconductor design company in 1987. Through acquisitions and product pivots, it has acquired video conferencing products, VoIP technologies, a contact center business, open source chat software, and CPaaS (communications platform as a service) technology. As of 2019, the business has been granted 128 patents in fields such as semiconductors, video processing techniques, computer architecture, and others.

The company’s basic cloud PBX services continue to appeal to small companies. The business provides various low-cost international plans that are appealing to people who need to connect all over the globe. It is feasible to go to all-in-one phone, video, and chat, and then truly develop into contact center capabilities, including analytics and collaboration. All of this is supported via API choices that may be accessed by your own in-house bespoke solutions or a wide range of cloud connectors.


Ooma[ps2id id=’Ooma’ target=”/]

That old-fashioned landline feel from a highly contemporary Internet-connected box

Ooma voip provider review - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

Back in 2011, my business phone was all about Ooma. For years, I was pre-smartphone. I operated a home-based company, which meant I had to handle both personal and business lines. Back in the day, individuals had real cables put into their homes for phones, and then throughout the house to handsets.

Unfortunately, when landline providers lost interest in POTS (plain old telephone service) connections, the ancient twisted copper cables began to deteriorate. So, in order to maintain the sense of a phone at every seat (which now seems strange to me), we utilized an Ooma box as a gateway between our Internet connection and actual phones.

I eventually abandoned Ooma when the intricacy became too much for me (and it stopped working). It didn’t help that my wife despised the system’s complexity. As I said in a 2014 essay, “In any event, I’d had it with the exorbitant amount of sophistication our phone system demanded. I have both an Ooma and an AT&T Microcell using router ports. I have a Link-to-Cell handset base station connected into the Ooma. Under the desk, I had a slew of power cables and dongles. And it was all unreliable, irritable, and in desperate need of additional duct tape.”

I ultimately gave it all up in favor of an iPhone and an Apple Watch. Rather of having a phone at each seat, I just wear the watch, which enables me to answer calls from wherever. On the other hand, continues to use the Ooma (although less so now that he has to Zoom everywhere).

But what about today? Should you consider Ooma in 2021? Yes. Ooma hasn’t slowed down since I utilized it. They’ve made significant inroads into the business market, increased their handset options, and expanded their service offerings. What I loved most about Ooma was its simple administration interface and broad variety of configurable settings. These exist and have been greatly built upon.

The business has also incorporated a home security solution with motion sensors, window sensors, and water sensors into its primary system. Here’s my conclusion: If you still like the sense of a landline, numerous lines, and dedicated handsets, Ooma is an excellent option.


GoToConnect[ps2id id=’GoToConnect’ target=”/]

Unified communications from the creators of GoToMeeting and LogMeIn.

Voip Provider Business GoToConncetJiveLogMeIn - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

Nothing about GoToConnect’s corporate parentage isn’t going to cause you a headache. GoToConnect is a product in the same family as GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

LogMeIn is at the top of the corporate food chain, having purchased what was then named GetGo, a Citrix spin-off including the GoTo products. In 2019, private equity companies Francisco Partners and Evergreen Coast Capital purchased LogMeIn.

While GoTo is not the name of the firm, they conduct business under the GoTo logo and the URL. This is made worse by the fact that was formerly owned by Yahoo and Overture Services. In reality, was one of the most popular search engine destinations in the late 1990s, and the domain eventually made its way to LogMeIn.

To add to the brain box bang, GoToConnect was formerly known as Jive Communications, not to be confused with Jive Software, an Aurea-owned intranet communication product. So, now that we’ve reviewed GoToConnect’s genealogy, let’s move on to the services. The first is, of course, its close relationship with GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar, video services that are nearly as well-known as Zoom in this pandemic-wacky world.

The administrative administration tools provided by GoToConnects are particularly impressive, enabling for the drag-and-drop configuration of sophisticated automated assistant and call forwarding business logic. The firm provides almost everything you’d need for a corporate PBX, all while tightly integrating with other cloud services like as Salesforce, Zoho, Google, Slack, and Microsoft. First and foremost, if your business uses GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar, you should think about GoToConnect. However, if you want to create an Internet-first PBX system, GoToConnect is worth a look.


Grasshopper[ps2id id=’Grasshopper’ target=”/]

Grasshopper Is there a simple option for low-cost extended expansion?

voip grasshopper review 841e - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

LogMeIn I had never heard of Grasshopper before, but I kept running across it while researching this essay. And, wouldn’t you know it, it’s true? LogMeIn also has a stake in it. Consider it GoToConnect’s cuter little cousin. Grasshopper’s invoicing system proved particularly appealing to small companies. While the business provides a one number, three extension plan and a three number, six extension plan, the five number, unlimited extension plan for $80 per month is the clear winner here.

This is done on a monthly basis, per user. It is just per month. So, if you’re a developing small business looking for a virtual PBX with a few lines (like one for main, one for sales, one for support, and so on) and an extension for each employee, then bam! Eighty dollars each month. Don’t be concerned if you need to employ additional staff. You’re just budgeting for one $80 monthly cost.

What Grasshopper lacks is original equipment. You must provide your own phones or mobile devices. Then you receive the standard VoIP features like as call forwarding, voicemail, extensions, transfers, and so on. There are no call center alternatives, so if you’re setting up a large contact center, you may want to look elsewhere. Grasshopper, on the other hand, is a fixed-budget PBX that can usually grow without further expense.


1-VoIP[ps2id id=’1-VoIP’ target=”/]

1-VoIP Phone service with Nomorobo integration

1 voip review - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

1-VoIP At first sight, 1-VoIP seems to be similar to virtually any other business phone service. Do you want to pay for meter calls? Check. You don’t want to pay for meter calls? Add a few dollars each month and then check. Do you want to pay by extension? Check. Do you want to pay to essentially rent a phone? Check. Look, 1-VoIP does the job, but it’s not a good one.

Many of the business phone services you desire are supported, such as music on hold, extension transfer, queues, auto-attendant, virtual fax, forwarding, and so on. Yada-yada-yada. We were about to write this off as a snooze until we discovered its killer feature: integration with Nomorobo. If you’re not acquainted with Nomorobo, it’s a service that filters out most inbound spam calls.

It’s an app that’s a bit of a hack on individual cellphones. All calls must be routed via Nomorobo, which then returns them to you. This causes further delays and irritation for your callers. Nomorobo, on the other hand, is incorporated into the virtual PBX with 1-VoIP. This implies that if you use a live operator rather than a virtual attendant, you won’t be bombarded with incoming calls. It’s a well-executed PBX feature.

CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW AT 1-VOIP[ps2id id=’’ target=”/]

VoIP in the middle of the road with a standout feature: a live person answering the phone.

providers voip review phone com - The best VoIP service in 2021, Recreate a conventional office phone at home: Best VoIP Providers in the United States in 2022

When I initially began my business, few individuals worked from home. Businesses are expected to phone in and speak with real receptionists (yes, this was the dark ages). As one of my earliest business ventures, I signed a contract with a local answering service, directing all of my calls to them, who would then call me back to transfer the call to me. It was a nuisance, but it landed me deals that I would not have gotten otherwise. Of course, we’re all accustomed to email, texting, online forms, and social media these days. Calling a company is much more uncommon.

However, there are certain old-school sectors where a live attendant would be a critical economic choice. Although the majority of’s plans are in the middle of the road, with low-end pricing, the main draw was their definitely-not-cheap options that featured a live attendant answering the phone.

That live person may then switch to an extension or a mobile phone, be routed to voicemail, schedule appointments, and follow a script. Check out for their standard-issue unified communications solutions. However, if you want a fully integrated solution with a live person answering the phone, is a must-consider.



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When choosing VoIP, don’t forget to consider your internet or telecoms provider. VoIP services are available from almost every cable and phone company (including Verizon, AT&T, and all of the conventional carriers). In fact, many of them push such services so hard that obtaining cable modem connection without spending a lot of additional time talking agents out of the VoIP upsell is frequently impossible. However, don’t reject your broadband provider outright in favor of the above-mentioned players.

Most broadband VoIP providers have their services (and, of course, leased equipment) tightly integrated into their total offers, which means you may receive both data and voice from a single source. Solutions are often simple to adopt since the cable installer will set up your VoIP for you, and you won’t have to make any difficult hardware choices.

My elderly father refused to use a smartphone and preferred landline telephone a few years ago. However, POTS was no longer accessible in his neighborhood. I called his local cable company, and the technician arrived, put it up, and told him how to use it. It was the simplest network installation ever, and by far the simplest network installation for my father. Whether you’re searching for residential VoIP for personal usage, residential VoIP extended for a new work-at-home existence, or commercial VoIP, take a close look at your current supplier.

Our procedure[ps2id id=’Our procedure’ target=”/]

This one required some ingenuity. I haven’t touched an RJ-11 jack in maybe six years. Having said that, I used to handle a lot of VoIP setup and dealt with a lot of the companies mentioned here. To add to that list, I contacted telecoms executives I knew and asked for their recommendations. Most of them had also left VoIP in the dust and were now grappling with mobile device management and app deployment problems.

The businesses mentioned here are mainly based on their recommendations. I’d like to highlight one such business, but I won’t name names. A couple of the experts I spoke with mentioned this business, although some of the specifics were unclear.

I contacted the business through their pop-up chat window and was relieved to speak with a person rather than a machine. Five minutes later, after attempting to get information about the company’s competitive advantages, I was asked, “Do you need VOIP services or not?” From then on, the agent became more nasty.

As a result, the business receives no mention here. And here’s a lesson for businesses: If you have a chat feature on your website, use caution. You may lose chances if your representatives are unfriendly. I recently removed a business from a “best of 2020” list because their operator was impatient and nasty – and therefore not eligible to be deemed “best of” anything.

How to Make a Decision[ps2id id=’How to Make a Decision’ target=”/]

The most essential thing to accomplish is to precisely define your requirements. Is extension forwarding required? Do you need voicemail? Is a human attendant required, or will an automatic attendant suffice? What applications do you need to integrate? Make a comprehensive list of needs and preferences. As you can see, there are soo many voip number. Then begin purchasing from the list. If I were doing it, I’d create a spreadsheet with all of the necessary variables, then cross-index each vendor’s offers in the spreadsheet.

When I finish my research, I should be able to identify who came closest to meeting my requirements. Remember that although price is a factor, it is far from the only one. If your phone system is your main connection to revenue-generating clients, don’t concentrate on saving a few dollars each month. Make certain that you can offer the phone service that your clients expect, since this is how it will pay for itself.

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