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Subnetting fundamentals: What is a Subnet?

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Subnetting and subnet mask creation are often outsourced to consultants, although doing it yourself may be both difficult and lucrative. If you work for a …

How To Install Windows 11 For Suppo... x
How To Install Windows 11 For Supported & Unsupported Hardware Devices [ WORKING ✔️ ] #tech #guide
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Xiaomi Rise to the Top of the Internet of Things

Xiaomi is most often associated with smartphones, but it’s less well recognised that the brand first joined the highly competitive mobile industry without selling a tablet. Xiaomi only offered a free Android-based operating system since it first released in 2010. But, in only seven years, it had grown to become one of the world’s biggest handset manufacturers, with a turnover of $15 billion. The authors explore how Xiaomi was able to expand so quickly, the tactics it used, and what other businesses may benefit from Xiaomi’s growth in this post, which is focused on interviews with top executives.