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How to Customize the News and Interests Taskbar Feed in Windows 10

The News and Features stream for your taskbar in Windows 10 is now available as part of the KB5001391 device upgrade.

The News and Interests feed, including Microsoft’s News Bar app and Edge’s customized highlights, displays the most recent stories from over 4,500 news outlets from a broad variety of topics. However, unlike some other applications, the News and Interest widget is integrated into the task bar, allowing you to search the news without having to open another app.


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To view your News and Interests, extend the feed by clicking the weather icon on the taskbar to display the most recent headlines.

The feed updates automatically, but you can manually search for new headlines by clicking the Refresh arrow button. When you click a story, a new Edge tab opens with the connect.

The News and Interests feed, on the other hand, displays more than just news. You will add sporting highlights, local weather predictions, live traffic news, stock price updates, and more to the widget feeds. To pick the topics and sources you want to appear, click “Manage Interest,” or click the “…” in the upper-left to see the widget’s complete configuration menu. Each information card also has a “…” button next to it. Pick “More stories like this” or “Fewer stories like this” to fine-tune the widget, or click this to post or save stories. Similar to Facebook, you will connect audience “Likes” and comments to posts.

How to Customize the News and Interests Taskbar Feed in Windows 10

If you don’t want to use the current feed at all, right-click the News and Interests icon in the taskbar and choose the option to turn it off from the new “News and interests” area.
After downloading upgrade KB5001391, the News and Interest stream in Windows 10 appears automatically. The feed, however, does not appear right away because it needs a server-side upgrade, which is being phased in.

The News and Interests stream will be available to most people from May 11, according to Microsoft, and should be available to all Windows 10 users who install the KB5001391 update by the end of June. Unfortunately, there’s no way to push the feed to work, but you’re not losing out on anything through waiting.

Microsoft is delaying the release to avoid systemic glitches, which is a smart decision given how many Windows Updates introduce unwanted bugs and errors. In reality, some users say that the News and Interests feed has a bug that causes the widget to stop running and show a blank window. According to Windows Update, you can correct this by restarting Windows Explorer:

  • 1- To open the Task Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  • 2- Right-click “Windows Explorer” and choose “Properties.”
  • 3- Press the “Reset” button.

Hopefully, this is a minor problem that Microsoft will be able to resolve before the News and Interests feed becomes readily accessible.

How to Customize Taskbar Feed in Windows 10

In News and Interests, there is out-of-date weather information.

The weather widget’s default display seems to rely its information on both your location and system settings. However, we discovered that the weather widget may display stale data after logging in.

In my instance, it said that the sky was mainly overcast, but this was not the case when I glanced out my window and compared the data to other weather apps.

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The online view is inoperable.

The News and Interests stream in Windows 10 is theoretically based on the same feed that drives your Windows Search.

Unfortunately, the online view is not without flaws. In dark mode, for example, you may experience stutters when scrolling while the scroll bar is white. It does not behave like scroll bars in other Windows applications, where the scroll bar matches the app’s style.

When you use your laptop/notebook in battery-saving settings, the scrolling is not smooth and feels sluggish in general, and overall performance decreases.

Another issue is that the feed stops functioning after logging in and shows a blank window, which may be resolved by restarting Windows Explorer.

Microsoft made the unfinished version of News and Interests available.

Microsoft seems to be aware of these problems, as they addressed the glitch in which the “content of the taskbar button would appear blurry” and the inaccurate weather report in preview versions published earlier this year.

For various reasons, it seems that the deployment was hurried, and the business chose to make the unfinished version of News and Interests available to everyone without fixing major problems.


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