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Learn how to update your IP address to troubleshoot your internet link or secure your anonymity.

internet help people and we know Any device that connects to the internet, including your phone, has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. It’s a string of numbers separated by decimal points (for example, “”) that serves as a home address for other gadgets to locate your machine.

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It’s uncommon to need to recognise your computer’s IP address, but if you do, it’s simple to locate (for details, see our articles on how to find the IP address for Windows or the IP address on a Mac).

Here’s what you need to hear about updating your IP address, both locally and globally.

Why would you like to update your IP address?

Most people would just need to update their IP address once or twice in their lives. It’s an inconsequential aspect of your computer’s configuration, however websites request and see it thousands (if not hundreds) of times a day.

Even then, there can be reasons to alter your public or local IP address from time to time. Among the most popular are:

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  • Protecting your protection and privacy: While it’s unlikely that someone will use it maliciously, your public IP address allows others to track down your general position. If you need to remain hidden for whatever purpose, modifying your IP address will cause your device appear to be another machine.
  • reposition yourself: Your public IP address shows your general geographic position, and modifying it will enable you to access content that is geographically restricted, such as content from foreign streaming services.
  • Avoiding prohibitions and restrictions: An individual may use your IP address to prevent you from accessing a certain website (this is known as a “IP ban”) or kill your internet connection through a Denial of Service (DoS) assault.

Changing your IP address is an effective way to prevent this.
Troubleshooting: For technological troubleshooting, you may want to update your local IP address. You may need to adjust the local IP address to avoid a collision with another user on your network on rare occasions.

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Your ISP and position decide your IP address.

Is it better to update my public or private IP address?
Before updating your IP, this is perhaps the most relevant query you’ll want to address. Fortunately, it’s a simple question to address.

You can update your public IP address if you worry for your online privacy or wish to stop website bans.
Adjust your nearby IP address if you’re attempting to troubleshoot internet problems or hide yourself from other devices using the same internet network as you.

What is the best way to update your public IP address?

Changing your public IP address is simple regardless of whether you have a Windows or Mac device.

Your internet service provider (ISP) typically determines your public IP address, and you have no control about it. You can “coax” it to alter in a variety of ways, including:

  • Adjust your network or location: Depending on when and how you link to the internet, your public IP address can change. Turning off Wi-Fi so that your phone will use the LTE signal, for example, would force you to use a separate IP address. You have the choice of connecting to a separate Wi-Fi network as well.
  • Restart your internet modem by doing the following: The modem can reset all of the IP addresses on the network when you reboot it (turn it off, wait two or three minutes, and turn it back on).

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Using a VPN

Use a VPN to connect: A VPN (Virtual Private Network) masks your public IP address by connecting you to a node in another country with a separate IP address. You don’t get to pick your IP address when you use a VPN, although you may normally select the regional area you want to appear to be from, the determines which IP addresses the VPN programme can use to classify you.
If everything that fails, call the Internet service provider and request a change of IP address. It’s possible they won’t be willing to help, so there’s no point in knowing.

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In Windows, here’s how to update your nearest IP address: 1. Then choose “Settings” from the Start menu.

  1. Choose “Network & Internet” from the drop-down menu.

In Settings, you can update your local IP address. Insider/Dave Johnson 3. Select “Wi-Fi” in the left navigation window, then click the name of your Wi-Fi network. If you’re using an Ethernet cable, choose “Ethernet.”

To update your IP address, choose your network. Insider 4/Dave Johnson Scroll down to the IP configuration portion on the information page for your Wi-Fi network and press “Edit.” Select “Properties” from the Ethernet menu.

  1. Finally, in the Edit IP settings dialogue box, choose “Manual” from the “Automatic (DHCP)” drop-down menu. Then, by swiping the button to the right, enable IPv4 and enter the new IP address’s information. “Save” should be selected.
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Change the default IP configuration to manual. Insider/Dave Johnson

How to adjust your Mac’s local IP address 1. Select “System Preferences” from the Apple guide.

  1. Choose “Network” from the drop-down menu.

In System Preferences, go to the Network tab. Insider/Dave Johnson 3. Pick the network you’re connecting to in the left pane, then press “Advanced” at the bottom right of the browser.

Go to Advanced settings after you’ve selected your network. Insider 4/Dave Johnson At the end, choose the “TCP/IP” button.

  1. In the IPv4 Configure line, choose “Use DHCP” and then “Manually.”

You must manually pick the IP address instead of using DHCP (which is the default mode). Insider/Dave Johnson 6. Finally, fill in the information for the current IP address. “OK” should be selected.

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How to alter a mobile device’s local IP address

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Your computer, like every other internet-connected gadget, has its own IP address. You can even adjust your phone’s IP address if you have a valid excuse to do so.

From the Wi-Fi settings tab on both iPhone and Android, you will change the IP address. See our posts “How to update the IP address on your iPhone” and “How to change the IP address on an Android phone” for step-by-step instructions.