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How To Use Windows XP In 2022?

Microsoft has not offered official support for Windows XP since April 8, 2014.

So you either upgrade to Windows 10 or learn how to properly keep Windows XP operating beyond 2014. Is Windows XP still in use? Yes, however it is more hazardous to use.

To help you, we’ll go over a few tips for keeping Windows XP safe for a long time. According to market share estimates, a sizable number of individuals are still using it on their devices.

Indeed, many consumers seem to be unwilling to upgrade to Windows 10 for a number of reasons. Knowing how to utilize Windows XP beyond 2014 is critical, if not required.

As a consequence, we’ll continue to look for the best tips and tricks to use on your Windows XP-based PC for as long as you like.

But that isn’t the only reason you should avoid updating to Windows 10, even if you will have to do it at some point.


There are no Windows XP drivers, and the most modern laptops and desktops only support Windows 10.

As a consequence, if you want to keep using your favorite Windows operating system – XP – please study the methods given in the following recommendations.

What are the hazards of using Windows XP even if Microsoft no longer supports it? When it comes to the security business, hazards are quite important.

Because Windows XP is being phased down, there will be no security updates after April 8, 2014. If you do not know how to properly protect your computer, it may get infected with malware, bugs, worms, and viruses.

But don’t worry; there are a few things you can do to keep Windows XP safe after EOS.

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How can I remain using Windows XP indefinitely?

Make use of a daily account.

  1. To begin, log in as Administrator and navigate to Control Panel.How To Use Windows XP In 2022?
  2. Then go to User Accounts and choose your own account.
  3. Pick create a new account and double-enter your new password.How To Use Windows XP In 2022?
  4. Now go to Home and select Create a new account.
  5. Choose Next and give your account a new name.
  6. Next, choose Limited and then Create Account.How To Use Windows XP In 2022?
  7. You’ve just created a user account with limited privileges.

Malware has the capability of causing as much harm as the account it infects. Keep this in mind while running Windows XP. For the same reasons, avoiding administrator accounts is a wise idea.

In this scenario, you should begin utilizing daily accounts. A daily membership has crucial restrictions that may be used to safeguard your machine.

A restricted account cannot install or remove all software, nor can it perform system-wide changes such as reorganizing hard disk partitions.


To generate a password for it, follow the steps outlined at the start of this paragraph. To use your restricted account, just restart your computer and pick the previously established account.

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2. Consider using a virtual machine.

If the previous methods are too difficult for you and you’d rather update to Windows 10, you may install Windows XP on a virtual machine.

As previously stated, numerous applications and programs can only run on Windows XP PCs, which means you’ll need to run the tools in a virtual environment on another Windows OS.

Because you can use Microsoft’s official tools, installing a virtual machine is straightforward.

In any case, transferring from your genuine Windows platform to the virtual system every time you need to use your programs will be unpleasant, but it will keep you safe.

3. Install a separate antivirus programme.

Even if Microsoft no longer sends security fixes for Windows XP, you may still protect your computer. At any moment, you may download and install free or paid antivirus software.

Although the free software is good, if you actually want to safeguard your Windows XP computer, you need get an antivirus package.

If you’re wondering what happened to Microsoft Security Essentials, the program was last updated in June of 2015.

Regardless, even though Security Essential is the official Microsoft security solution, we recommend utilizing a better antivirus program.

The security of Windows XP in 2021 will be influenced by the anti-malware and anti-virus solution that is in place. Another consideration is how the computer is used both online and offline.

In terms of security and protection, the anti-threat solution must be Windows XP compliant and have up-to-date anti-malware capabilities in addition to anti-virus protection.

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