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Windows 11 Live CD / USB: ISO Direct Download and Full Guide (Updated: January 2022)

Win10XPE is a project that uses WinBuilder and allows you to create a bootable media, either DVD-Rom or pendrive, which contains a Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system, with the addition of numerous utilities that can solve (or at least try) the problems of an operating system, installed on the computer, which no longer starts due to a malware or some non-working driver. In the worst case we can use this support to start the computer and go to recover our personal data and then format.

Updated article and live support with Windows 11 as operating system.


ON THIS PAGE: Windows 11 Live CD / USB: ISO Direct Download and Full Guide (Updated: January 2022)


Windows 11 Live CD / USB 64 bit (x64) ISO: Official direct download

The quickest way to download the Windows 11 Live CD / DVD ISO image is via direct download from a web browser. This is the link that allows you to download the file from a file hosting service:

»Download: Windows 11 Live CD / USB 64 bit (x64) ISO

SHA256 hash of file: A826A9CD7C516FA54E81104AFB74C96BAF6A1EA53DEFFE87A14E9D13C76F945C

In case the above link stops working, we can recover the same, identical file via BitTorrent. The downloaded file is identical to the previous one:

»Download: Windows 11 Live CD / USB 64 bit (x64) ISO

The above link is fully functional, but requires a BitTorrent client, to be installed manually. We have proposed the step by step guide here:

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The ISO image that can be downloaded from the links above is based on Windows 11 64-bit version 21H2 as an operating system. We can transfer it to a pendrive with Rufus, then the computer must be started using the newly created support.

N.B. I tried support on older 64-bit computers, not suitable for Windows 11, and it worked without problems. I have not had the opportunity to try it on a 32-bit computer, I don’t have any more available.

In creating the ISO image, I tried to insert the scripts that seemed most useful to me. There you will find hard disk cloning and verification programs, such as Macrium Reflect and CrystalDiskInfo, mistakenly deleted data recovery, partition modification, Chrome and Firefox for browsing, AnyDesk for remote computer connection, operating system registration serial recovery, password reset and much more.

If you want to try to create your own ISO image, the availability of scripts is still very wide, to look for other examples of scripts, or to solve various problems, there is the The Oven forum, which must be credited with all the merits for the creation of the scripts used.

We cannot guarantee that this bootable media will work in all types of computers, especially in the rather old ones, there may be incompatibilities or lack of drivers that can cause problems.

Necessary material

To prepare the ISO image I used Win10XPE, but packages for Win8.1Pe Se, Win8Pe Se and Win7Pe Se are also available in case of compatibility problems with your computer.

In addition to having downloaded the archive of the Win10XPE system that we want to create, we must also download the ISO image of the equivalent operating system. To do this, you can use the TechBench site.

At least the first time you use the program, but also afterwards, you will need an active Internet connection to be able to automatically download some additional files and the most updated plugins.

In a business environment, in the presence of very restrictive proxies, you may have problems connecting and downloading files, even those of the new scripts you want to insert. You can prepare everything at home and then copy the contents of the folder to a pendrive and work on it in the office.

Windows 11 Live CD / USB: Complete guide ISO direct download

If you venture into the creation of a new boot media do not be tempted to download all the plugins, the time taken for all the operations is quite long, so you should try to make a good selection and configuration, previously, to make a creation alone, or at least as few attempts as possible, in the end.

Exclusions list

If you have decided to prepare your own version of the support, pay attention that some of the programs contained within the package downloaded from Theoven.org may be recognized as dangerous by antivirus.

These are false, or at least exaggerated, detections, so the folder where you extracted the files must be included in the antivirus exclusion list so that it no longer detects it.



In case of errors that prevent the creation of the ISO image, consult the Log section where you will find the plugin that caused the problem and you can intervene in the most suitable way.

ScreenShot00006 Windows 11 Live CD / USB: ISO Direct Download and Full Guide (Updated: January 2022) Windows 11
Windows 11 Live CD / USB: Complete guide ISO direct download

If the plugin is wrong, or you don’t really care, right click on the plugin and choose Open script folder, looking for its name which must be something like “7-Zip_XPE.Script” and “7-Zip_XPE_File .Script ”in some cases you will find only one file that makes up the script.

Then close Winbuilder to see the plugin just deleted from the list disappear.

Image018 Windows 11 Live CD / USB: ISO Direct Download and Full Guide (Updated: January 2022) Windows 11

During the creation of the support, non-blocking warning pop-ups and other messages may appear that lead to blocking errors. They must be investigated depending on the error message and what causes it.


Once you have downloaded the Win10XPE_2021-10-27.7z file (the current version) and the latest Windows 10/11 ISO, extract all the files in two separate folders, in the root of disk C, you are naturally free to use a different disk , the important thing is not to use folders that are inside your account such as the desktop or the documents folder and that do not have spaces in their name.

To extract the contents of the archives and the ISO file, you can use any data compression program such as 7-Zip or Peazip.

Go to the folder where you extracted the program and start the Win10XPE.exe file, using Select the Windows 10, 11 Source Folder select the folder that contains the files extracted from the Windows 10/11 ISO image.


In the left column you can choose the plugins to be included in the media you are creating.

Windows 11 Live CD / USB: Complete guide ISO direct download

The number of plugins can be expanded by downloading new packages from the plugins page and then copied to the most suitable folder of the Projects \ MyPlugins \ Apps plugins, or, from the list of those already present, but not yet enabled, just select the relevant box .

The Mega Optional Application Download increases the number significantly.

Windows 11 Live CD / USB: Complete guide ISO direct download

Which plugins to choose?

It depends on what you want to do with this support, there are many plugins to me, frankly, not very useful, others may not work, so a choice must be made, maybe after trying them once, if you see that you do not need them, remove them and recreate the ISO image. Not always very clear, but with a few attempts you can get good results.

Some plugins allow a minimum of configuration, such as choosing the language or the browser home page.

Windows 11 Live CD / USB: Complete guide ISO direct download

In the Options we can set a custom background, whose name must be img0.jpg.

winpese12 Windows 11 Live CD / USB: ISO Direct Download and Full Guide (Updated: January 2022) Windows 11

Once you have made all the chosen configurations, you are ready to press the “Big BLUE” Play and start the creation of the ISO image.


The procedure is quite long and demanding for the PC, all you have to do is wait for it to finish and check for any errors in the log.

winbuilder Windows 11 Live CD / USB: ISO Direct Download and Full Guide (Updated: January 2022) Windows 11

Once the ISO image is obtained, you can transfer it to a pendrive, with Rufus or Ventoy, or burn it to a DVD, thanks to Imgburn or any other program capable of burning ISO images.

Now, with the newly created media inserted in the computer, you have to start it, respecting the correct boot order, so that the Win10XPE starts and not the operating system installed on the computer itself.

At this point, if the boot support is working correctly and there are not too many drivers missing, you can browse, change the status of the services, analyze your computer, save drivers and important files.


Keep in mind that for some plugins you will have to go and load a remote Hive, or select the Windows installation folder on the hard drive, otherwise it will read the data on the boot media.

The Teamviewer plugin must be run as an administrator, you must select this mode when starting support.



It is not easy to create this type of support, in some phases it is decidedly confusing, however, for those who do not want to use, due to their lack of knowledge, a Linux distro, a Windows bootable disk becomes indispensable in case of complete blocks of the operating system to be able to go to recover personal documents, eliminate malware and perform various operations on the installed operating system.


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