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Microsoft sincerely wishes for you to abandon Internet Explorer on June 2022

Microsoft has revealed that its legendary Internet Explorer (IE) browser will be retired in June 2022, although it sees Internet Explorer’s future on Windows 10 in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft is dropping funding for Microsoft Teams from Windows 10 today, taking another move toward killing Internet Explorer.

Microsoft started spelling out its intentions for the end of existence for Internet Explorer in August, detailing how the company intends to phase out support for the antiquated browser over time.

Starting November 30th, 2020, Microsoft will no longer assist Microsoft Teams in Internet Explorer as part of this programme. Although customers will be willing to access the app, there are no assurances that it will function properly or that Microsoft will continue to fund it.

“Customers will have a degraded experience or be unable to link to Microsoft 365 applications and services on IE 11 after the above dates. When accessing the app or service through IE 11, new Microsoft 365 features may not be accessible or those features could cease to function, resulting in a deteriorated experience “Microsoft clarified the situation.

ON THIS PAGE: Microsoft sincerely wishes for you to abandon Internet Explorer on June 2022

When you log into the Microsoft Teams online version, it checks to see whether you’re using an incompatible version of Internet Explorer. If that’s the case, the platform can show a warning that says “This website doesn’t fit with Internet Explorer!” and suggest that you use the desktop client instead.

Internet Explorer end: Microsoft wishes for you to abandon Internet Explorer  on June 2022

IE: Groups

Though users may choose to ‘Keep using Internet Explorer,’ Microsoft cannot promise that Microsoft Teams can function properly with an incompatible browser.

In October, Microsoft secretly installed a ‘IEtoEdge’ Internet Explorer browser helper object (BHO) that instantly redirects incompatible pages to Microsoft edge, in addition to Teams. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, ESPN, Yahoo Mail, and several others are among the 1,200 pages that are incompatible with Internet Explorer and would be forwarded to Microsoft Edge.

This function is used to see whether a website is Internet Explorer incompatible. As this happens, an error message appears, and Internet Explorer launches Microsoft Edge, which displays the following message.

Edge redirection in Internet Explorer

Following the redirect, Microsoft Edge would display a banner advising users to make Edge their default browser on Windows 10 for a “new experience, improved compatibility, and privacy.”

Other moves are also being taken by Microsoft to render Internet Explorer obsolete. On August 17th, 2021, Microsoft, for example, can disable Internet Explorer across all Microsoft 365 applications. On June 15, 2022, Microsoft’s iconic Internet Explorer browser will be retired: Prepare a report

Here are five technological developments from the past week and how they can impact your company. Did you happen to notice them?

1 — Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s 25-year-old browser, is being phased out.

Microsoft revealed this week that Internet Explorer would be phased out on August 17th, 2021. According to the announcement, Microsoft Teams’ web app will stop supporting the most current update of the browser—Internet Explorer 11—in November, and the majority of the Office 365 services applications will stop supporting it next year. Since it would focus on Chromium tech, which was developed by Google for their Chrome interface, Microsoft Edge will replace Explorer and would have more functionality than Explorer. (Independent source)

Microsoft to retire Internet Explorer in June 2022

Why is this significant for your company:

This is critical whether you use Internet Explorer as a user interface for some web applications. Any older apps have this function. While Microsoft claims that Edge, its IE replacement browser, is quicker and requires less resources than Chrome, I continue to use Chrome.

2 — Due to the pandemic, online revenues have increased by more than 31% in just three months, while Walmart’s e-commerce profits have increased by 97 percent in the second quarter.

According to reports published by the US Department of Commerce this week, e-commerce revenues in the United States have increased by more than 30% in only three months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The second quarter of this year saw $211.5 billion spend digitally, up 31.8 percent from the previous year. Walmart has announced a 97 percent increase in e-commerce revenue in the second quarter, thanks to online shopping and food pickup and delivery. According to a survey from the Department of Commerce, retail transactions currently account for 16.1% of all sales in the United States. (Sources: CNBC and Tech Crunch)

Microsoft announces it is retiring Internet Explorer in 2022 - 26 YEARS  after it first launched | Daily Mail Online

Why is this significant for your company:

People are purchasing things online, and because your company is a “experience” – a pub, restaurant, spa, or other facility – you’ll need to make sure you have an online plan because brick and mortar isn’t going to cut it. Walmart’s meteoric growth online, and how it’s now competing with Amazon, is also worth noting. If you have a couple hundred million dollars to spend, you might be able to do the same.


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If a web type is insecure, Chrome can notify you as soon as possible.

Google is speeding up their efforts to guarantee that Chrome users’ knowledge is safe when filling out insecure online forms. Starting with the M86 update, the browser can begin to flag forms that seem to be protected on HTTPS pages but cannot be checked as secure when submitted. Autofill on these mixed types would be disabled from now on to avoid confidential or confidential details from being automatically filled in. (Image courtesy of Engadget)

Why is this significant for your company:

This will first impact Android users on mobile devices. However, it will eventually be available to all Chrome users. Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Safari would eventually follow suit. This should serve as a reminder to search the website’s forms for compliance with the most recent protection protocols.

4 — Deezer also has a podcaster analytics software.

Deezer, a new subscription site, recently released an app that highlights podcaster analytics. Though Stitcher and Google Podcasts also have analytics tools, Deezer would be the first subscription site that allows users to access podcast data through a smartphone app. (Image courtesy of Engadget)

Why is this significant for your company:

If you use podcasts in your company, it’s worth a look. The software, dubbed Deezer Analytics, would categorise podcast data into two categories: listener and analytics. The audience section will show listener gender and age, as well as whether they are listening on the internet, their tablets, or their computers. And the metrics tab displays the number of occasions a podcast has been streamed, the number of specific viewers, and the most common listening time.

5— In an attempt to attract small business accounts, TD is launching online accounting.

In a press release sent out last week, TD announced the launch of TD Online Accounting, a modern online accounting and payment feature. The new feature will be added to their small business online portal which will enable business owners to pay their electronic transfers and credit cards directly from their TD Bank business checking account, streamlining the payment process. TD is seeking to expand its small business client base, and this deal would be exclusive to small businesses that currently have a TD online account. (Image courtesy of Pymnts)

Why is this significant for your company:

The next step is for banks to acquire accounting software firms. Doesn’t it make sense?

Microsoft to say goodbye to Internet Explorer in June 2022 - Travel Tomorrow